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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  April 5, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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newgainst the odds -- talks seek to break the deadlock over iran's controversial nuclear program. hello, you are watching al jazeera live from bill hot. also on the program, the un suspends aid operations in gaza after protesters stormed its headquarters. dozens of indian laborers are killed at an illegal construction site in mumbai. hits theop scandal european high street, spelling trouble for a popular brand.
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world powers have begun another round of talks aimed at ending the iranian nuclear dispute. the group, which included the u.s., china, and russia has concerns it is developing nuclear weapons, but iran says the program is for peaceful purposes only and with the country due to hold elections in june, many say a deal looks unlikely. >> it is the right the iranian people got after signing the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. we really hope in this beautiful city these talks will bring results and a new spring will start in our talks and we hope they understand this. >> robyn is following the talks for us. plenaryr we have had a session this morning between all sides. they have just broken off lunch, and prayer time is this friday. the top european union foreign policy negotiator met with iran 's a top negotiator and there was a bit of an awkward moment
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because they never shake hands. it is protocol. is cautiously optimistic. but nobody here is really expecting any miracles. there was some surprise we were even having these talks at this particular point in time. we've got elections coming up in a few months, and the feeling was they might not be able to do much negotiating until the elections were over. back in february, which was a couple of months ago, we had high-level talks here. the world powers had given a theysal to the iranians, wanted the iranians still to halt enrichment of uranium to 20% levels but there was a little bit of wiggle room. they had been offered the chance to be able to keep a little for medical purposes. and they not being asked to completely shut down the underground facility where a lot
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of the enrichment is believed to be taken place -- taking place. it would be over a six-month. of time -- period of time. they are awaiting the iranians official response. >> north korea reportedly moved another medium-range missile to its eastern coast. it is believed the move puts the north korean army within striking distance of several u.s. targets. --response, seoul this deployed its navy. the un says north korea's threats have gone too far. >> for russia, as a permanent member of the security council, and signatory of nonproliferation treaty, such outrageous regard by pyongyang on the security council resolutions is categorically unacceptable. we are convinced the path to improvement of the situation is not by the escalation of military rhetoric and real
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military activity, but by joint search for ways to save the situation through diplomacy. >> the backlash against north korea has extended to the internet. a government run website in north korea has been targeted by hackers by the group of nominalists -- an ominous. they stop promoting messages showing kim jong-un but showed him with a pig night -- pig like snout. aidun has temporary closed distribution centers in the gaza strip, saying it is no longer safe after protesters raided the headquarters. demonstrators were angry over a decision to cut off a monthly cash allowance for poor families. 800,000 palestinians in gaza depend on aid from the united nations relief works agency or unrwa, of around two thirds of the population. but the un organization is
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suspending operations after demonstrators, angry over cutbacks in cash handouts, warned its headquarters. in a written statement, the head of the agency said "all relief and distribution centers will consequently remain closed until guarantees are given by all the relevant groups that unrwa operations can continue unhindered." the un agency said it had no choice but to reduce handouts of money because of shortfalls in the budget. hamas is urging unrwa to reconsider the position. of thes seized the step relief agency of closing the centers as an unjustified step. the people have a right to protest, cuts, and at the same time we condemn any violence. >> shutting down a distribution centers angeli means greater hardship for gazans already suffering from the blockade and take egyptian border controls. >> why would unrwa want to
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close the center of relief? this raises thousands of questions. are there people who want to see gazans suffer more than we already are? what the anger that flared over the cutbacks is a clear reminder how isolated and dependent on aid hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children are in the gaza strip. >> more than 800,000 palestinians in gaza rely on aid from the united nations. un reliefis from the and works agency and he says the safety of un workers is paramount. >> we will be forced with the harsh realities of looking at what other activities we might be forced to curtail. if not permanently, at least temporarily. it depends on voluntary contributions, not only for the general budget, through which we provide education and health and
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social services but we also have a stand-alone emergency budget that enables us in... west bank to deliver emergency services, including cash subsidies and food distribution to the needy. this particular money, having been subsidized, while we have enough money to hire those people on short-term employment contracts, we don't have money in the other part that deals with getting subsidies to the poorest of the poor. we are't telling -- telling the people we are doing the right crossover from giving you cash subsidies into hiring you for short-term employment. there will be a short gap. that is what triggered the demonstrations. they have the full right to demonstrate that they have to do it peacefully and not putting our staff at risk. >> at least 35 people have died after a building collapsed in
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the indian city of mumbai. rescuers are still surging -- searching for survivors. the building was only half built and was housing local laborers and families. more from new delhi. >> looking for survivors under the rubble of what was once a seven-story building. we both lived in the area helped rescue services overnight. a grim task. the half built building collapsed shortly after 6:30 p.m. in a suburb of him by. witnesses could not believe what they saw. >> the building collapsed like a pack of cards within 3-4 seconds. it hardly took three seconds the collapse. we saw it happening. >> as the sun came up, the extent of the devastation became clear, as did the difficulty rescuers face. for some, it is too late, but no one is giving up. >> there is a possibility the them can be rescued within 48 hours. i myself have saved people even
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after three days. the rescue operation is a slow process which is conducted very carefully so the maximum number of victims can be saved and rescued. >> it is believed many of those buried are the families are the construction workers who were living there. police are now looking for the contractors and owners of what they say was an illegally constructed building. for culpable case homicide against the owner. we are trying to find them and will soon arrest them. >> a lot of the policing and monitoring of construction is left to non-technical people. very often it is the local constable who reports on violations. these are the kinds of measures that have to be looked at. >> building collapses help -- happen with frightening regularity. the country has strong building codes but the lack of enforcement exposed the problem once again. the public will demand an inquiry and the government will
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agree, but no one seems to have the answer as to how to control illegal construction and prevent this sort of thing from happening again. the hell ramen, al jazeera. but jordan doubled the number of soldiers on the border with syria -- >> jordan doubled the number of soldiers on the border with syria. syria accuses jordan of hosting rebels. the jordanian government denies it is involved. inside jordan, the government is battling a vocal opposition dominated by the muslim brotherhood. the parties stepped up its first television channel. our reporter went to take a look. >> jordan's muslim brotherhood said it would have never dreamt of having its own television channel had it not been for the arab spring. there was no revolution here, but the uprisings in the region has brought about greater freedom. the muslim brotherhood launched a channel about a year ago.
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>> our audience, especially islamic audience, was one of the first groups to make their voices heard in the arab spring. for the local tv channel, this event work in our favor. we became unique. let's although it describes itself as conservatives, his host is unveiled female activism politicians although they will not hire any females unless they wear the veil. there have been attempts to jam the signal. most recently during last november's riot against fuel price hikes which called for the overthrow of the monarchy for the first time. although the size of the channel, technically operating out of these four rooms, it actually has managed to build any significant viewership across the country. every day the channel receives hundreds of phone calls and up to 3000 text messages from viewers wishing to share their opinions or ask questions on the shows. the muslim brotherhood has other media outlets, a daily
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newspaper and an online agency which has been around for several years. always under pressure. a very cautious environment under daily threats. there are always attempts to bring down the site. we resort to technicians to fix the issue so we can upload content, but there seems to be a higher power that tries to impede us. >> for decades, the muslim brotherhood has been one of the most resilient voices across the region, that some say the message is often one-sided. >> we have a bone to pick with the muslim brotherhood's media outlets. often they are quick to disseminate news and lash out against the government without checking facts. >> in the last two wl years they have literally taking -- taken the battle to the streets, boycotting elections and leading protests. now with media tools, it is hoping to build the popularity while the country is still stuck in the status quo. -- couldon the program
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this college basketball star be the first woman to compete in the nba? details ahead. and fiji,drew thomas on whether a new constitution can bring democracy or merely cover for an unelected dictator to tighten his grip on power. >> a reminder of our top stories. world powers are meeting in on for another round of talk -- talks on a random's mickley program. they are hoping to convince iran to enrichment exchange for lifting sanctions. -- aidsuspended age out operations in the gaza strip. it wants assurances about safety of its staff after protesters raided the local headquarters. at least 35 people have been killed after a building
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collapsed in the indian city of mumbai. rescuers are still searching for survivors. more than 50 people were injured. isbal fashion brand lara under investigation after being accused of using sweatshops to make it close. an argentinian labor group said it visited three factories where children were employed alongside adult. i also found mainly immigrant workers being forced to be 13 hour days. a spokesman for the owner of the company said we are surprised about the allegations being made him a based on the limited information we received so far. the workshops in question did not appear to have any relationship with our approved suppliers in argentina. we have received no contact from them regarding these claims, nor have we had any contact or complaint from the argentinian authorities. director of policy trade and development at the global union federation industrial and she
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joins us now live from geneva. thank you very much for being with us. let's get every action from you regarding the owner's reaction to these allegations of sweatshops. reaction is say the not entirely surprising. the problem with the owner and many other companies in the clothing industry is they simply don't have control over their supply chains anymore. it is entirely credible they do not know whether or not the companies concerned are local activists may have found labels that would link definitely the company's, but z ara has a relationship with contractors who then may subcontract to numerous other contractors which is why i am not the prize to hear the owner did not know at this stage whether or not these companies are linked to it.
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>> let's broaden this out a little bit more. this is not the first time sweatshops has been -- have been connected to fashion houses. and as you mentioned the parent company may not know. given that case, should fashion houses be held responsible for the contractors or their subcontractors and their actions? wax absolutely they should be held accountable. we now have the guiding principles at the united nations of that make clear that all multinational companies have responsibility for abuses that take place throughout their supply chains. the difficulty is to get the supply chains back under control. we have an agreement at the theyl level to make sure respect working conditions throughout its chain. one clause in the agreement actually says that subcontractors cannot further
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subcontract the work without the express permission of the company. however, that obviously still goes on and may well have gone on in this case. but the whole point of the agreement is to have a dialogue between the unions and the company to make sure preventative measures are put in place so this kind of thing does not come to light in the way it has today. the challenge for multinational companies in other sectors as well is to get -- control back into their supply chains so they can be responsible and accountable. >> an issue of economics as well. it has been said that if our -- is all fashion houses were to adhere strictly to labor laws and then the cost of production would be a lot higher. that same cause and they would have to pass on to their consumers. possibly they may lose business. how do you see a middle ground? >> actually, the cost of
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passing on higher wages for workers is very, very small in this industry. if you break down the labor cost of any given amount of item of clothing, the labor costs represent a very small percentage. we have done calculations, for example, of t-shirts in bangladesh, labor cost of a t- shirt that is $30 or two cents. two cents. in most cases, the brands can take the increases on the shoulder. but even if that were passed on to the consumer, the amount under discussion would be, very small. the problem is not only about cost but also about working hours and suppliers coming under increasing pressure to deliver goods on time. that is where you see this sort of illegal -- unsanctioned subcontracting.
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when a contractor cannot fulfill the obligation to the brand and the further down control is lost. >> thank you for being with us there. hundreds of fast food workers in new york have gone on strike to demand better pay. the minimum wage is a little over seven dollars an hour in one of the most expensive cities in the world. they work for instantly recognizable and competing food chains -- mcdonald's, burger king, pizza hut, kfc, and domino's. but for one day in new york city the slogan for the fast food employees were the same. >> we are the workers. >> hundreds walked off the job on thursday, affecting more than 60 restaurants. the fast food industry is one of the fastest-growing in the united states. there are 50,000 workers in in the city alone. but salaries are among the
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lowest and the slowest to rise. $25tarted at seven point an hour and it took me three years to get to eight dollars >25hour -- i started that $7 an hour. >> a full-time fast food employee only makes between $10,000-$18,000 a year. politicians approved an increase to nine dollars an hour for 2016. it is not enough for these workers. >> what we want is fair wages. new york city is not a cheap place to live. ex-mcdonald's released a statement which said "our company works hard to treatment, but employees with dignity and respect. employees are paid competitive wages or come the day of the strike was deliberate. april 4 40 five years ago, martin luther king, junior, was assassinated while rallying in support of sanitation workers.
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the testers say the sacrifice an example are fueling the current fight to make a decent living and maintain some human dignity. al jazeera, new york. --to you when has just 1000 the un has just 1000 days left to achieve its millennium goals which included reducing poverty and improving health. al jazeera has been examining the rate of progress. in the latest of a series of russian reports, mohammed traveled to nigeria where one out of 13 women are likely to die during childbirth. >> he lost his wife of five years nine months ago. she died after delivering a baby boy. every sunday his sister-in-law, who now cares for the baby, brings the child to him. with his loss still fresh in his mind, he says he prefers to meet his baby not as -- not at his home but his neighbor's home. a lot and i was
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asked to look for people to donate blood. a while later, the doctor called me to say my wife passed away. i am still in shock. >> nigeria has the second highest rate of maternal mortality rate on the world. the un world health organization said one out of 13 pregnant nigerian women died during childbirth. rate that alarming prompted the government to send hundreds of trained midwives in 2009 2 different parts of the country to ensure safe motherhood. but the efforts have not been enough to achieve the goal of reducing maternal mortality rate by 2015. >> we are pleased with his momentum and by 2015 we will make as much progress as possible. but there will be less after 2015 am and we will continue to try to save as many of the lives of the women and children we can save. wax poverty and ignorance remain
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-- the coast to efforts remain off the coast to efforts. many women have little access to medical facilities, so many resort to traditional places. she has practiced traditional medicine for more than 40 years. traditional medicine is better than modern hospitals. the only remedy modern doctors have for a complication in pregnancy is surgery, but we will prepare different herbs that will solve the problem immediately. >> a conviction some of our patients share, but yet many believe it is -- but public awareness will hold a key in reducing nigeria's high number of mothers dying. lagos, nigeria.
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i ordered a mass slaughter of poultry amid concerns over a new strain of bird flu -- >> shanghai ordered a mass slaughter of poultry amid concerns over bird flu. working cases have been confirmed in the eastern provinces. japan and hong kong are advising travelers in china to seek medical advice if they have symptoms. fijians are weighing a new document but there are concerns it is going to be used by the ruler to consolidate his power. persony saturday this sells oranges in a market. but right now a different second prime minister asked her and all from fiji to examine the new constitution but she does not think she is up to the task. >> i don't think i can analyze all this in detail.
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>> what might seem like the ultimate democratic exercise, asking all in fiji to review and endorse the acumen is dismissed by many as a sham, a way for fiji's military ruler to tighten his grip on power. in a coup seven years ago, the armed forces overthrew fiji's elected government and made himself by minister. he has rolled by degree but also promised elections. he brought in a respected expert to draw up a constitution under with elections would be held and said a constituent assembly of informed community leaders would review it. but when he the copy, the prime minister did not like it and ordered it destroyed and brought out his own, one he intends to be elected under. it keeps him in power until election day and allows him to lean on the media and sideline opposition parties and critics in the run-up to it. then it gives extraordinary powers to whoever is elected prime minister.
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no community leaders will review this document. instead, the prime minister has taken to the airwaves, asking people to put their comments straight to him. are you confident that you will win next year's election, and is that because you essentially rigged the constitution to make sure you get elected? lex i think it is an insult to the people who put together the constitution. we do not rig the constitution. it is for the people of fiji. do you think i did all this just to rig the constitution? >> that is exactly what some people do think. >> this amounts to a constitutional coup. he would be the author of a constitution that concentrate power in the prime minister him and if he becomes prime minister he benefits from a constitution which he himself has offered. >> they are talking off the top
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of their head. they don't want to know what we have in place. >> as well as a tropical paradise, the prime minister says he wants fiji to be known as a respected democracy, but wh
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